Equivibe at the Racetrack

Whole Body Vibration is becoming more popular on the racetrack because of the benefits it has on the equine athlete. All horses can benefit from the Equivibe Vibration Plate but racehorses will see the following benefits take place:

-Increased Bone Density 
​-Reduced swelling and Inflammation
​-Increase Hoof Growth
​-Increase strength, stamina, and agility
​-Warm up faster, Cool Down Smoothly
-Drug Free
-Alliviate pain
-Increase muscle mass
-Improve joint pain
-Increase circulation

Following race related injuries can be helped with the use of the Equivibe:

-Tendon Injuries
-Suspensory issues
-Hock problems
-Joint issues
-Back Pain
-Ligament Injuries